Our SPIN on Persistent Java: the JavaSPIN approach - Abstract

Kaplan, A., Myrestrand, G.A., Ridgway, J.V.E., and Wileden, J.C., Our SPIN on Persistent Java: the JavaSPIN approach, First International Workshop on Persistent Java, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, September 1996.
The SPIN (Support for Persistence, Interoperability and Naming) framework was developed as a unifying conceptual foundation for integrating extended features in software systems. SPIN has previously been used as a basis for seamlessly integrating persistence, interoperability and naming capabilities in extended versions of the C++ and CLOS APIs of the TI/Arpa Open Object-Oriented Database (Open OODB). We are currently developing JavaSPIN, a seamless integration of persistence, interoperability and naming with Java. The foundations for JavaSPIN are the SPIN framework, the Open OODB kernel and Java itself. To minimize barriers to adoption, JavaSPIN will impose no modifications on the Java language or the Java Virtual Machine. To maximize opportunities for interoperability, JavaSPIN will have a persistence model and language-independent name management mechanism in common with the Persistent C++ and Persistent CLOS APIs of Open OODB. In this paper we discuss our goals for JavaSPIN, outline the JavaSPIN approach and sketch our plans for longer-term development related to JavaSPIN.

John Ridgway
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