Toward Assessing Approaches to Persistence for Java[tm] - Abstract

Ridgway, J.V.E., Thrall, Craig, and Wileden, J.C., Toward Assessing Approaches to Persistence for Java[tm], Second International Workshop on Persistence and Java, Half Moon Bay, CA, August 1997.
In a previous paper[Kaplan et al., 1996] we described our goals and plans for an approach to seamlessly integrating persistence, interoperability and naming capabilities with Java. Having now completed a prototype implementation of our Jspin approach, we have begun the process of assessing it, and some other alternative approaches, from a variety of perspectives. In particular, we have begun to measure performance by adapting a standard benchmark for use with our prototype and some representative alternatives. We have also started to make some qualitative assessments of our approach and some of its competitors based on several usability factors, particularly those that were among the goals enunciated in our previous paper. In this paper we outline our Jspin approach and its implementation, describe the performance benchmark and present initial data resulting from its application, discuss our preliminary observations concerning usability factors, and sketch our plans for further development, assessment and use of Jspin.

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